Conform and fit in. Or don’t…

Tonight I met a Swedish girl traveling solo round the world. She told me how she was diving in the Gilis and saw a big boat that made her go “Ooooh, I want to go sailing on a boat like that!”

She went straight to her laptop… well, once she had surfaced and was dry because you should never take Macs under the sea… and Googled “working on sailing boats.” Up came a link for a site that captains use to find crew. Rich people use it to find backpackers and other adventurous souls who want to work in exchange for free travel. She applied to a few that day and by the next morning she’d had six replies.

She’s canceling her remaining flights to Thailand and China and instead she’s flying to the Philippines to board a sailing ship, which will take her far and wide across the oceans on an adventure with God-knows-who. She was so excited she was practically bouncing off her floral floor cushion.

I’m so impressed and inspired when I meet people like her. People who just think “fuck it”, and “life’s too short.”

It is too short. I saw one of those inspirational memo things the other day that said you can never cross any ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. Funny… and strangely serendipitous… how I then met someone jumping straight in to that ocean practically blindfolded and loving every second of letting go.