Dinner and the black hole: is this the worst table design ever?…


Don’t get me wrong, Clear Cafe is my favourite place for hippy watching and tucking into soul food in Ubud, but every time I come here I’m surprised all over again by their table designs. I keep meaning to blog about it so here it is, on record.

Worst tables ever.

I can’t imagine how many people must drop things through these holes every day. How many plates and cups must just disappear before people’s eyes… sucked into the vortex?

Luckily they don’t serve alcohol here. I can’t imagine the chaos that would cause, coupled with all these black holes. Smashed glass, missing floral arrangements, stabbed toes from slipped knives and forks (they make you leave your shoes at the door here),gravy stains, bee pollen and spirulina smeared table holes, the list is endless.

Anyway. First world problems.

As you were.