Discovering your ‘vampire niche’…

It might look like another book that’s sort of like Twilight, but it’s not. And it also might look a bit like Fifty Shades, but it’s not. So the world really needs this book, right? I mean, when I was in Powells in Portland, which is one of the world’s biggest book shops a few months back, there was half of an entire floor devoted to paranormal fiction. Just HALF! Someone needs to fill that up.

Like Abigail Gibbs. Abigail Gibbs has written a book about having dinner with a vampire. Seeing as vampires don’t eat it’s a topic that has not been covered within a topic that… OK, has been covered, but she’s really looked into this, really thought it through and discovered her niche. And earned six figures!

It’s all about finding your niche.

Hmmm. So, let me think. It’s obvious what I must do now, but what would my vampires do differently? Would they be tech nerds who feed on Apple gadgets and live in fear of PCs? Nah… that’s stupid. But then again, tech nerds read a lot so they might buy it. Needs more structure though. And it needs to be more different. Hmmm.

OOoh I know. My vampires could live on the sun. YEAH!!! That’s IT. Vampires who live on the sun! That’s like, totally different because most vampires can’t even look at the sun. Man. I am on a roll. OK… this is shaping up. Vampires who live on the sun and feed on Apple gadgets.

But it needs some sex because people who liked Twilight needed more sex and sex sells… so my vampires should totally have sex, but only in extremely well-lit places and never with people who own PCs because that’s what kills them. YES!!! Perfect. So now we have a massive potential audience who are primed to buy books like vampire fiction AND something a little extra which I though of all by myself. *pats self on back

Potential titles:

  • Sun Livers: the Vampire Sun Book
  • Sex with a Vampire any time of day and not just at Twilight
  • Have another Apple? – Temptations of a hipster vampire
  • TwiShite – why vampires and apples are both yummy and this book is not based on another one

Man, this is looking good. I’m gonna work on this…