Do you believe in reincarnation?

book-many-lives-many-masters-brian-weiss-review11I recently read Brian Weiss’s book ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. Bits of it are creeping into my everyday activities and redirecting my thoughts, until I’m wondering all over again why I’m doing what I’m doing if I’ll never really die. It’s about reincarnation, you see.

In brief… A woman called Catherine who’s suffering anxiety goes to see a psychologist and under hypnosis recalls hundreds of intimate details about all kinds of previous lives. Not only that, she relays messages to the psychologist from the in between places, the seven levels of consciousness and the spirit masters who send us on our way to our next life when we die.

If you’re thinking “oh for God’s sake” just read it! This guy was a skeptic too… at first.

It puts a whole new spin on the phrase “life is short”. In essence I guess it is. Each one of our lives is short. But if we simply just move on to another body when we’re done with this one, life is longer than we ever dreamed possible.

It blows my tiny mind.

But maybe I chose to be mind blown by this stuff before I got here? Hmmm.

Sometimes we die too young; too tragically, so unexpectedly. But what if we choose this for ourselves before we’re born? What if… as this book suggests… the meaning of life is to live and live and live again until we learn. Until we really learn. Until we pay off all our karmic debts carried over from previous lifetimes and become pure. God like. Until each and every one of us becomes God – a state if you will – a state we can only liken to God while we’re here as it’s the highest state we’ve ever imagined.

It’s so pure, so free that us lowly, awkward, unaccomplished beings juddering about all rigid and fixed and planned-out can’t really contemplate it.

We can barely contemplate a lifetime other than the one we’re living, so consumed are we all by the everyday trappings of society and “things we must do to fit in.” it’s easier to forget and start again. Things are already complicated enough.

But under hypnosis, or in meditation, or even in some cases drugs (ayahuasca helped me in Peru!!) using undoubtedly the vast percentage of our brain we never use, we could unlock a squillion secrets. The answers really do lie within us.

If I’ve lived before, a thousand times or maybe even only once, I like to think I’d have been something more than human, something that soars or roars or races through the jungle or sky with no concept of time or place or responsibility, or even my own inevitable demise. But I was probably just another regular, unspecial girl, doing something regular and unspecial. Trapped like I am now by the restrictions of my own creation.

Catherine was never anything great in her recollections… well, not great as we would class it.

She was a sailor, a prostitute, a slave. She was an Egyptian artifact cleaner. She even once lived in a cave. But her simple lives have led to this one, and she has the chance all over again to become great by her own definition. To finally know greatness, to radiate it, to just be great must be… Yeah. Great.

And maybe all those other lifetimes were only ever leading her to this one; the one where she’s free and unafraid. Free to BE unafraid. The one where she casts aside all doubts and fears and lets herself love and be loved. And maybe that’s all there is to it?

But now I want more…

Are we ever born as anything other than human? Or does the divine DNA in all of us travel through time only in these forms, these walking, talking, over thinking, over complicated beings who somehow choose to plunder through each lifetime bowing to other people, being afraid, rarely doing anything truly for ourselves and always worrying about what other “people” think?

Do dogs come back again and again? Do horses? If a dog is mean to a human by biting it, for example, will it come back as another dog until it learns not to bite, or was the dog a human once, who suffered and grew mean, who had to return in a form able to receive love more easily? Is that how it works?

I want more answers than the book can give me… which is why I just had to download all his other books. There’s at least five more. It’s going to take me an entire lifetime just to digest them. But that’s OK I guess. I’ll have another one soon enough.

Oh life, you are but an eternal mystery… And I shall unravel you page by page…