Dream movie casting for Before He Was Famous (with teaser pics!)

I can’t thank Jennifer and Angie at Shmexy Girl Book Blog enough for their invaluable help this week with the first part of my blog tour, and also for these awesome movie-style stills of a super hot Noah and Chloe! Check out how SCHMEXXXXXXXY they are! I’ve been so humbled and excited this past week watching the book go out to the masses, seeing it being talked about and shared and in cases like this, seeing it come to life in people’s photos!


LOVE THESE!!! Also massive thanks to the wonderful lovelies at Totally Booked who put the book on the MAY 2014 FAVE READS and new release lists! Awww gawsh! When you have a story in your head for so long – one that’s JUST yours – it’s so amazing to finally be able to share it. It’s like letting a little baby out into the world and going, go on, you can walk now… and maybe you can even fly.


Also thank you heaps with sugar on top (and a big pink cocktail) to the lovely Jaime over at For The Love Of Books who went and made some brilliant pictures with quotes from the book! These are so cute… love the Peter Pan one too – it’s kind of a theme in the book.

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Big thanks to everyone – it’s great to see you’re liking the book and it’s super encouraging when it comes to me bashing out the rest of the HotFlush series (and getting seriously blurred eyes here at my laptop!)

If you haven’t grabbed your Kindle copy of Before He Was Famous yet, nab it here!

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