Ever worn a monkey on your face? Then you’ve never done a Dragoman trip… (Latinalicious snippet)

IMG_4581Last night I had a dream about monkeys… now, this is something that occurs regularly so perhaps I was actually a monkey in my last life, or perhaps I’m experiencing some weird calling back to the jungle, but it reminded me of a moment in Brazil on my Dragoman trip. Me and my mate Russ did the Trans Amazon Rio to Cusco in 24 days back in Feb/March. That’s him with a monkey on his face. Awwww. And here’s me with one on mine… kinda arty right?


Here’s a little snippet of the moment we arrived in the Pantanal, Brazil, which looked a lot like this:


‘Oh wow, it’s soooo pretty, look at all the water!’ Stef enthused. But I caught the glint of recognition in Khaki Ken’s eyes, and my instincts, too, were primed. Top mosquito real estate by the acre stretched before us: a nursery for malaria carriers birthing killers by the millisecond. We were right. Sure, the Pantanal is all so pretty in the day, what with its preening birds and glistening caiman and white horses wading through the swamps like mythical unicorns missing their horns, but come nightfall we’re forced to make a mad dash between our rooms and the dining hall through what can only be described as an insect blizzard. You can tell when any of the girls are on their way back to our room because you can hear the screams.

Still, I can’t even begin to explain how incredible that sunset was tonight. If Pachamama blesses everywhere in South America, as I’ve witnessed over the past eight months, the Pantanal, at the heart of it all, is surely the place she must call home — the place she keeps her rocking chair and comfy slippers and comes to have a chuckle at tourists screaming in an insect blizzard.”


I’ve written a lot more about this Dragoman trip in Latinalicious – The South America Diaries so if you’re looking for something fun to read (including a huuuuuge run down of our South American adventures in all the gory details, such as the time we had to set up camp in a field full of hairy tarantulas, and the time we met a hippy called Ivan who lured us to his house full of stick creatures, oh and the time the group saw an old man get whipped, literally WHIPPED, to within an inch of his life for being annoying in a bar) click to buy it up for cheap on Amazon Kindle.

It wasn’t all beautiful sunsets and monkeys in the Pantanal, but thank God I still dream about monkeys and not whippings, right?

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