EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE! My newest work of fiction…

I’ve been working on this since I was six years old and I’m sure you’ll agree, the complexity of the plot is staggering. Here it is, the full masterpiece, for your eyes only…

Holly up to mischief. By Becky Wicks.

photo 1

photo 2As you can see, as well as placing children in suits, in sheds full of spiders I also penned some rather impressive illustrations back in the day. I particularly like this short story/picture combo entitled ‘Tinie tears’. Interestingly, I was spelling ‘tiny’ like a modern day rapper even in the eighties, at age six. I was so cool.

(Or just illiterate).


I’ll be pitching these ideas to HarperCollins immediately, of course. It’s hard to believe I’ve let such literary treasures lie undiscovered for so long.

More to come from my former self, if you care. I’m quite surprised by what I’m reading in my old school books as I go through all my stuff…

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