Fashion Capital?

The Global Language Monitor has just ranked Bali 21st in its list of the top fashion capitals in the world, according to the Bali Advertiser. What wonderful news! This must mean I can at last stop torturing myself for leaving home in mud-splattered harem pants. 

The Island of the Gods even made it to the Top Movers chart with a staggering 11-place jump from last year, when it was rated number 32. Impressive, by anyone’s standards.

Allegedly, “the world is discovering the allure that has been a quiet secret for centuries,” writes a Texas-based company called GLM, who monitor the popularity of cities for a living. Their website explains: “the exclusive ranking is based upon GLM’s Narrative Tracker, which analyses the Internet, blogosphere, print and electronic media, as well as new social media sources like Twitter.”

Interesting how they think Twitter is new…

Anyway, London comes top, in case you’re wondering, replacing last year’s winner, New York; two cities I have also been lucky enough to live in, in the past. I have to say, in all seriousness I was far more fashionable when I lived in those places. I’m wondering whether these cyber-monitors actually know how to use this Narrative Tracker they’re bragging about, or whether they’re just scanning for the word “batik” and noting each mention as a positive. Again, they think Twitter is new…

As I’ve mentioned before, the concept of fashion eludes me here in Bali. I suppose I could make more of an effort but strangely, the thought of applying make up to my face every morning doesn’t even occur to me now. I used to feel naked without mascara. Not cloaking my features in a mask of foundation meant I left the house as exposed as a flasher without a raincoat.

Here though, well, there are far more important things to worry about, like making it to my bioenergetic healing class on time…

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