First lesson on how expensive Tokyo is…

No sooner had we arrived and looked lost in Shibuya metro station at midnight last night, than a Tokyo local had whipped out his phone and personally escorted us to our hotel, the gorgeous but somewhat hard to locate Sakura Fleur Aoyama. Now that’s hospitality.

I got to sleep late thanks to mucking around modeling cool sleep gowns and slippers, marveling at the speedy WIFI and a bed with no bedbugs in it, and of course, exploring the functions on the toilet. Never has peeing been so fun. I knew then that I quite liked Tokyo. It’s the home of the future!

So, I woke up early this morning in Tokyo with a head full of snot thanks to a feather pillow. I’m allergic to feathers. It literally felt like a duck was mating with a chicken inside my brain. Anyway, I went outside to locate some antihistimines, my first Tokyo expedition in the daylight and oooooooh BOY! I feel like orphan Annie when she gets to Daddy Warbucks’s mansion and everything is shiny and new. It was an adventure locating the pharmacy, and miming what I needed by blowing imaginary snot into my hands. It was an adventure lasting 45 minutes just walking around a 7/11 (you will NOT believe the awesomeness in there!!!)

However, I will be watching my spendings a bit more carefully in Japan. While I may want to go snapping up every packet with a cool anime face and promise of a taste sensation on it, it’s not as cheap as Indonesia.

I just ordered a coffee because the full breakfast in the hotel restaurant was over 1,000 yen, which I thought looked a little scary.


I think you’ll agree it’s a nice coffee but that 450 yen price tag is, according to my trusty XE friend, almost $5.

I guess this hefty price tag could be because the restaurant appears to be modeled on an animated Transylvania movie, and I’m purely paying for gargoyles to watch me while I sip…

…but still, that’s a bit expensive. Hmmm. At least the hotel is a huge step up from the last ones in Bali… even if I wake up with a farmyard doing battle in my nostrils.

Heading off out to explore…