First look at Latinalicious – The South America Diaries…

I finally got the cover art for Latinalicious – The South America Diaries from the talented peeps at HarperCollins Australia, where the fabulously creative Natalie brings to life all the hot chicks that are CLEARLY me… (ahem).

So, in this book you can read about hanging with the gauchos in Mendoza, accidental vomming in vineyards, snorkelling with Hammerheads, make up shoots on Patagonian glaciers, dancing tango in Francis Ford Coppola’s house, braving volcanoes, going deaf in Bolivia, going mad in Buenos Aires, conquering Machu Picchu, surviving Peruvian Ayahuasca ceremonies in the Sacred Valley (hopefully, haven’t actually survived that one yet) and bagging the HOTTEST Brazilian footballer ever (hopefully… not done that yet either).

See what I (try to) do for you???

While I’m out doing all this nonsense, you get to read Balilicious – The Bali Diaries, which is out December 01. Yay! Thanks for sticking with me on my travels. And thanks HarperCollins Australia for making me look thinner and sexier with each book. Much appreciated. When I’m old and fat and wrinkled I’ll delete every digital image of myself in cyberspace and just look back at these covers, convincing both my senile self and my grand kids that I really looked like this.

How blissful our ignorance will be. Until we look inside and see the photos…

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