Francis Ford Coppola lives here…

Well, he lives here when he’s in Buenos Aires. Which is… sometimes. He’s been away for the last two days so Autumn and I have been looking after his house in the funky Palermo district, and to be honest we’ve barely left because it’s just so cozy, and also because the hosts have been so fun! Truly fabulous, interesting, inspiring Argentinians who have welcomed us into Jardin Escondido, and not just because Autumn sort of looks like Sofia Coppola (she does, don’t you think?!)

She’s been taking photos, which will be way better than this photo I took of her taking photos:

I want to own a house like this one day. One with books and wood and leather couches and cow-skin rugs and pretty flowers in vases, and absolutely NOTHING from IKEA. Seriously. There’s nothing from IKEA here. Not even a spoon. Or a lamp. It’s inspiring. No wonder Francis Ford Coppola has made so many good movies. And if he ever forgets how well he’s done, he can just read a book about himself, which is here on his coffee table.

Anyway, last night we had an asado, which German cooked on a huge grill in the garden while we all drank vodka cocktails and I practiced terrible Spanish. He even wore an apron. We sat around this table for a looooooong time…

… and then we went to tango!  It was one of those nights you only have when you’re least expecting it. So today I feel a little bit ugh and I really don’t want to take an overnight bus to Mendoza, but there’s more wine to drink up there when we’re finally over the wine we drank last night, so we’re packing up and moving on as soon as Autumn’s taken some more photos. Here she is, right now, hard at work. This blog is practically a live feed, I tell you.

Check out Jardin Escondido. I’ll be writing more about it in Latinalicious, obviously, and maybe on those secret pages I’ll even spill what happened after we tangoed…

I said maybe.

Bye bye Francis and family. Thanks for letting us house-sit. Maybe next time we can meet you and you can write us into your movie, or make one about us, where we’re hotter and more interesting and go out with important men who wear uniforms and know things. I would like to be played by Natalie Portman. Thanks xx

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