From Salta to Purmamarca with a touch of poisoning…

It’s been an interesting few days since leaving Salta, taking two very educational day trips to Cafayate (during which we only got to taste three measly wines in one winery – rubbish) and up through Argentina’s Salina Grande. That was pretty cool, being twelve thousand hectares of salt flats. I bought a llama to make the photos more interesting because there’s nothing worth than a photo of heaps of plain salt. You could have misinterpreted it as something else and then I’d be in trouble.

I got the tour to deposit me in the tiny mountain town of Purmamarca, which I LOVE. Purmamarca (which translates as “Town of the Virgin Land”) is the kind of place I definitely would have lived in when I was an Inca lady in my third life. It’s absolutely surrounded by mountains.

On my first night at my hostel in Purmamarca I met some Argentine lads who took me up to the hill of the seven colors (Cerro de las siete colores) to play guitar. By day you can literally see seven colours, maybe more, thanks to the various minerals that make up the layers of rock. By night though, all I really saw was this.

And an inestimable amount of shooting stars.

The next day we took a car to Tilcura, to visit the  pre-Inca Cactus fortress known as Pucara de Tilcara. Amazing to see what people did when they weren’t sitting round on Facebook, even though most of it was a reconstruction. Still, the views were spectacular, and you can’t beat a nice cactus or ninety nine thousand.

We went for an asado dinner that night, whereupon I was encouraged to try all kinds of questionable meat products, including a giant blood sausage.

I spent all night vomiting into the toilet, and the next day doing pretty much this.

It could have been the blood sausage but to be honest, it was probably some dodgy tap water. It remains a mystery. A pukey, painful, mystery.

So yeah, some highs and some lows over the past few days, but tomorrow it’s onwards and upwards literally, to the Bolivian border. Bye bye Argentina. You have been stupendous and I will miss you lots. XX