From Spalding Guardian to Mills & Boon

Last week a journo got in touch from my hometown in the UK, (Spalding, Lincolnshire) – behold, the land of tulips and tractors. I answered all his questions and sent a nice image of the new Mills & Boon book, however, he’s printed my face instead and gone with the angle of ‘Becky used to work here when she was at school.’

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Guardian Free Press”]


Thanks Lincolnshire Free Press! You sure did inspire my creativity all those years ago by letting me do work experience, (aka, clean out your store cupboards/file a million papers in metal cabinets on my hands and knees, the contents of which are probably now all on one tiny SIM card in someone’s old handbag).

I did get to write a bit, too, I suppose. And I’m grateful. No, really, I am grateful. I’m not JK Rowling. Until the New York Times starts calling us writers, this is what we get. Baby steps, people!