GMO-NO!!! You are what you eat, so you’re becoming a genetically modified robot…

photoRecently I’ve been freaking out about what goes into our food. Cancer, obesity and infertility are all on the rise year by year. 90 percent of all corn, cotton and soy grown in the U.S is genetically modified… arrrgh! What doesn’t kill you is supposed to make you stronger but even with a stash of healthy supplements that looks like that up there, in one of the “healthiest” towns in the entire world, I am still freaking out over how WEAK people in control are trying to make me.

Even when I try to eat the right things… the good stuff… they can still get me. Currently, companies don’t have to let us know when GMOs are in our food. Even more mental is the fact that companies can label things “organic” and “GMO free” when they’re not. And as for soy… well… there I was thinking soy milk was the healthy option! Fool. Even my vegan tofu salad wants to harm me.

I thought about all this even more today after watching this stupid interview between Kevin O’Leary, co-host of the The Lang And O’Leary Exchange show, attacking a 14-year-old Candadian girl called Rachel Parent, who had the “audacity” to ask for labeling on genetically modified foods. Kev supports Monsanto’s plan for global domination basically… which he would, of course, because he’s a rich businessman and like Monsanto (the organisation poisoning us daily), all he cares about is money. And all she wants is for people to have the right to know what they’re eating.

‘Are you anti-science?’ he and his co-worker ask as they continue to pigeonhole her into being a naïve little schoolgirl in over her head. ‘I am for ethical progress,’ she replies. She is so smart. When I was 14 the only thing that worried me was whether my brother would beat me at Sonic The Hedgehog on our Sega Megadrive. But then, when I was 14 I didn’t have the Internet to tell me and let me research how people bigger, greedier and richer than me were killing me unawares.

Rachel explains: ‘Adequate testing is often not done [on genetically modified organisms], so who knows how it will affect us long term? We need a long term study to see if it’s safe for our health.’

And this homicidal maniac responds by pretty much calling her a lobbyist against GMOs. He even asks whether it bothers her that thousands of kids her age die every year because they don’t get enough food, and whether she would rather they die than eat Monsanto’s genetically modified rice, which allegedly provides them with the vitamin A they need to survive (a lie, by the way, as Rachel points out so articulately).

‘You’re eating GM food and you have been for decades,’ he adds, just to rub it in. Ouch!

In case you’re a little unclear regarding all this, as I definitely was not so long ago, lemme break it down, or quote one website that does: “GMO foods are man-made, toxic products the human body is not made to consume and digest… Genetically modified foods have been linked to sick, sterile and dead livestock, and when tested on lab animals, damaged virtually every organ of the animal tested. Basically the more GMO foods you eat, the sicker you become. You get sick, you visit the doctor, you buy more medicines which equals more money for our government, the ones making us sick to begin with.”

Monsanto is curing world hunger with all that rice? Really? From 1965 to 1969, Monsanto (whose first product was the artificial sweetener saccharine) produced Agent Orange for the U.S. military to use in the Vietnam War. Yes. Agent frickin ORANGE. It’s so good with chemicals, you see. Why would they not use them to make our food, too?

As Rachel points out in her awesome debate, who knows what will happen down the line as a result of all this tampering? We’ll probably all grow scales and three heads and the genetic structuring of our world in general will be so fucked up that we’ll be eating parts of each other just to survive. We’ll be feeding on each other… the only thing marginally human and real from God’s honest earth that we can still rely on. Barely.

Talk about the Hunger Games.

‘As you age, you will change your opinion, and from my point of view I hope that happens’, Kev says condescendingly as the interview wraps up. From his point of view the world is perfect just the way it is; probably because he’s been eating GMO products for so long that he is now, quite literally, a robot, programmed by Monsanto to help others grow as stupid as he is. She won’t change her mind. And neither will this kid, already giving TED talks on the matter at the age of eleven!

It’s hard to believe these people still believe their propaganda won’t be highlighted like this and eventually shunned completely by the common voice of sense and reason. People are waking up to the lies, the scams. We have social media now. We have ways of banding together. In their efforts to dumb down our people, they’re waking us up. Maybe we’ll survive this after all.