How beneficial is Amazon’s Kindle Lending Library, really?

I’m having a little bit of a panic attack over here today, mostly because I’m one of those writers who can wax lyrical about unicorns for nine hours but wants to vomit at the sight of a spreadsheet, or anything to do with numbers/figures/math/reality. I was just checking my KDP figures to see how many books (if any) I had sold and was quite alarmed by this huge blue spike that apparently shows that 96 people borrowed one of my books on Sept 01, as opposed to the 9 people who bought it.LENDING LIBRARY

Immediately I thought wow, so many readers! Awesome! Then I thought, hang on, should I have ticked that little box on Amazon KDP that said people could borrow my book? I only have two books out there after all. Shouldn’t I be hoping more people will buy them instead of just borrow them? Do I get any money for this? Why doesn’t Amazon put unicorns on their buttons so I look at them more before I click?

I did some research on this Kindle Lending Library, which admittedly I’d never really thought much of before, and on this lovely site I found Moira Rogers’ explanation:

“Availability in the Lending Library is considered a perk of KDP, because every month Amazon sets a budget for how much they’ll pay authors who participate in the Lending Library. The simplest explanation of how this works is:  if Amazon sets their budget to $600,000 and 600,000 prime users check out books during the month, an author would get $1 for every time a user had checked out one of their books.  If only 300,000 prime members check out books, an author gets $2 per check out.”

So I’m assuming that if I keep my books in this library I will earn some money. No one seems to be able to say how much, but in the mean time I appear to losing out, right? Er… well, it looks like it anyway.

I narrowed down the results on my own page to show the royalties earned on Sept 01, (when this spike occurred) and it shows I only earned $12 or so, so either something doesn’t add up, or I’ll get some form of this mass royalty payment LATER… or I am just missing something here? 96 people downloaded my book and I get $12.54. Is this right?ROYALTIES NOT RIGHT

I know I’m not very good at things like this, but I guess my question is, do I keep my two books in the lending library for the exposure (which at this point is great, and definitely what I’m after as I plan to be writing many more books) or do I pull them? I’m just a little concerned that I’m not too sure when or if I’ll be making royalties for these loans. If anyone has any advice/opinions or can shed any light on this, I would love to know!