How I know I am old…


I’ve just had a discussion about being old and it’s got me thinking. I know I’m an old person now because I just ate a big meal and then came back to my hotel room here in The Gambia and had to lie down. Also, there’s a live band playing downstairs by the pool and both myself and my friend are tutting away at the volume because we really would like to read our books in peace and quiet. It’s only 9.30pm.

I remember the days when I would have been dancing round that pool in my bikini. They weren’t so long ago. Is this how it happens to us all? Do we suddenly just find ourselves devoid of all energy, panting and wheezing at the top of stairs, buying up beige items in the Marks and Spencer’s sale while moaning that we don’t understand the youth?

It’s worrying but if that’s the case I need another lie down. It takes a lot of energy shopping for beige.

I wish this band would be quiet.

One thought on “How I know I am old…

  1. I think of more concern is the disapproving tut tuts and general annoyance at noisy guests who do not follow the hotel etiquette of being polite and conforming to the middle class accepted rules of fair play! On reflection, though we might never have been so tacky as to play ” rocking around the Christmas tree” in 40 degree heat in March or indeed obscure Polish pop or would we have found that mildly amusing in our youth? Then again, you could have shrugged off your early oap disposition and jumped on stage with our talented polish cousin and done some African dancing! :). Actually I’m at the start of my middle age and ended up puttung ear plugs in to dampen the droning sound. More worrying is the increasing tendency to purchase beige clothing…I bought a Gambian cap in “beige”……. and so begins my demise!

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