How NOT to spend a day in Bogota…

I just saw an old man walking with a limp outside the hostel and the sight of him made me cry. I get emotional when I’m tired, but when he saw me I just felt like a tool. I am just WAY too tired to be awake… but my problem is I can’t seem to sleep.  Instead I shall ramble to you, blog…

I’ve just had the most ridiculous few hours of my life.  I had every intention of going to the Gold Museum but when I got in the cab I realised I don’t even LIKE gold. It looks terrible on me and plus it reminds me of cheap market stalls and rich Arabs with more money than sense in Dubai, so I asked the driver to stop at a mall because it looked alright from the outside and I thought I might be able to buy a jumper because I was cold.

When I got inside the mall I was warm again and I couldn’t remember why I went, so I bought some hair bobbles that looked nice and then sat down in Crepes & Waffles.  I looked at the menu for maybe 20 minutes and then decided that choosing something was just way TOO HARD so I got up without ordering anything at all and went over the road to Subway, where I ordered a ham roll and felt like a shadow of a human as I dropped lettuce all over the table. And myself.

Then I went to the cinema… only when I queued up I realised again that I don’t speak Spanish and that all the movies were in Spanish with the exception of Lincoln, which I’ve already seen and while it would DEFINITELY edge me into dream-world I didn’t fancy paying $8 just to allow Daniel Day-Lewis the privilege, so I went to sit by the window and tried to remember what else I might need in the mall, which was when I realised that the answer was clearly wine.

The answer is always wine.

So I went looking for wine, only the supermarket was miles away and I ended up spending 10 minutes simply waiting to cross a road, breathing in bus fumes, which made me sad as well as even more tired, yet unable to sleep, seeing as I was standing up.

In the supermarket I remembered I needed some shampoo as I left mine at my last hostel, but I promptly forgot what I needed and came away instead with some plums. Now… I do like plums but not as much I need shampoo, and also conditioner and shower gel, but I guess the plums will have to do for now. And I did remember the wine, so at least I will be able to sleep now, after two glasses and perhaps another cry over the man with the limp outside.

Maybe I’ll go to the museum tomorrow.


One thought on “How NOT to spend a day in Bogota…

  1. Aw babe! You crack me up. I have definitely had those days. Specifically one in Seville on a Sunday when everything was closed, the tapas bar made me move tables three times, a random came and sat down with me, and a guy from Jamaica sang me “don’t worry be happy” then told me I was racist. The highs and lows of travel 🙂

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