How Ryan Kwanten made me want to write a book in Canada…

photos-of-ryan-kwanten-on-set-of-the-right-ki-L-2K5yaVLast night I watched the movie ‘The Right Kind of Wrong’, which was a pretty wrong way to spend a Saturday night if I’m honest but my brother has one of those TV systems that’s more like a flight deck or spaceship navigational system and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to watch The Voice.

Anyway, so I watched the movie and apart from Ryan Kwanten being absolutely gorgeous as usual, the scenery in this movie blew me away!

I looked it up, and it’s filmed in Banff National Park. It made me start thinking all over again about moving to Canada. I’ve only been to Canada for one day and that was back when I lived in New York and a bunch of us drove from there to Niagara Falls and stayed in Toronto. I don’t remember much about Toronto, other than that reeeeeeeally big pointy tower, and a lot of burgundy coloured coffee shops. But I’d like to see more of the country.

I wonder if I could cycle through pine forests like Ryan does in this movie, or stand agog at ghost bears like he does in a cinematic panorama of snowy mountains, golden grass and turquoise blue lakes. I’d like to live in a little house and have a boyfriend who chops down logs and owns a husky dog and wears checked shirts. And if not, I’ll just make him up in my head and write a book about him instead.

I’m going to have to make this happen. I wonder if Ryan will come with me…

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