How to feel at HOME in Buenos Aires…

I think Autumn and I are probably staying in the funkiest hotel in the world right now. It’s called Hotel Home, and it actually does feel like Home, because I happen to think that only real Homes have sunken hot tubs in their living areas. Here’s ours:

What’s so cool about this hotel (apart from our amazing suite and the location in the heart of Palermo Hollywood) is that it’s actually the cool creation of UK record producer, London acid house DJ  and wallpaper collector, Tom Rixton and his Argentine wife Patricia O’Shea. The couple set it up after realising there was nothing else like it in Buenos Aires when it came to putting up the guests for their wedding. That’s right. It came to finding a funky, comfy place for their friends and relatives and there was NOTHING. So they made their own. Inspirational I tell you!

Our suite looked like this yesterday (note Tom is putting his wallpaper to good use):

But now it looks like this…

…because we rearranged the furniture to do our workout routine…

…and we were too knackered to put it back again.

I want to live here! Our room has super fast wifi, a TV and DVD player, huge iPod dock for blasting the Evita soundtrack around the room (what?? we like it!!!) and llama wool blankets. And yesterday I had an amaaaazing massage because obviously I had a TRAUMATIC week up till now staying in a youth hostel and quite frankly my nerves were frayed and if i didn’t smell the sweet smell of jasmine and incense while getting my shoulders rubbed to the sounds of whale song I WOULD HAVE DIED.

Here’s the swimming pool at Home. At the moment, although the sun has decided to bless Buenos Aires with its presence, it’s too cold for swimming but we can still admire the funky retro-patterned deckchairs and the lawn that feels like it could be your own, at Home (if you were rich and could build a pool).

The food at Home is also some of the best I’ve had so far in Buenos Aires… although admittedly I have only had the Full English Brunch so far because I was still asleep when Autumn went for breakfast (Sssssh). She actually woke me up to rave about it, saying things like “there was caramel butter”, “scrambled eggs in a glass”, “really light and fluffy whipped yogurt”, “two fruit juice shots and a fresh fruit salad AND a bread basket with a tub of marmalade AND a tub of sour cream and bacon bits and a separate tub of spreading chocolate.”


When she said this I got out of bed immediately and had to restrain myself from stamping on the floor like a petulant child… but thankfully I get to taste this all myself tomorrow because we’re staying two nights, hurrah!

We’re contemplating whether to go out tonight in Palermo, or whether to just stay at Home. I think Home will probably win. Better put the furniture back in place…


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