How to ruin a white water rafting photo instantly…

Sometimes stupid people are really amusing. Especially when they jump out of inflatable boats in gushing rivers, stand two metres away from rollicking waterfalls and attempt to take photos on an iPhone.

It’s FUNNY when people do things like this.

It’s not so funny when you ask them to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment for you on the infinitely less destructible waterproof camera your own friend brought along, and they take a photo of their thumb instead.

Of course, we should have assumed our fellow rafters were not experienced in the field of photography. Anyone who attempts to wade along a rocky riverbed in a helmet and lifejacket whilst holding an iPhone is clearly not quite right (or stinking rich and in possession of another three back up iPhones), but we actually saw him apply what we thought was some pretty impressive artistic planning as we stood there under the torrential flow.

We watched as he turned the camera from horizontal to vertical to get a variety of shots; moving this way and that in the water like a graceful sea beast. We looked forward to a lovely photograph to show our friends and to remind ourselves how much fun we had on our Bali river rafting adventure.

But he fucked it up.

Quite how it happened that his fat, fleshy finger made it into EVERY SINGLE ONE OF FOUR PICTURES is beyond me.

I bet his iPhone photos came out fine.