How to tell when you travel too much (and when you should stop)


Yup. That’s how. That’s a screenshot my friend just sent me, when I told her to add my new phone number in Amsterdam.

“Another one?!”

“Yeah, but I’m staying put in Amsterdam for now.”


No one believes me when I say I want to stay in one place, now. Actually, looking at that list makes me a bit antsy again. I’m all like… “BALI!! Why did I leave Bali?!? The food in Vietnam was soooo good. Oh I had such a great time in Nashville and New York, and Colorado. Canada was a learning curve, oh and India, wow! The colours and smells… I miss it… I should go somewhere else… oh feck, I can’t, I signed a lease for a year…”

Looking at that list of numbers makes me nervous, yes, but I’m trying to remember I signed a year lease here in Amsterdam for the very purpose of making me stand still. To grow some roots. To let them twist in exciting soil, to curl around some new adventures closer to England, and to blossom into a new me; a new me in a new beginning that is the RESULT of everything I’ve learnt, up to this point.

I wouldn’t be here now, if it wasn’t for being everywhere else beforehand.

None of us would.

Travelling doesn’t mean you have to keep on moving about forever. The older I get, the more I enjoy travelling, but I now like it even more when I have a base somewhere; something solid to come back to. A place to rest and regroup.

Settling in one place doesn’t mean stopping. You can have roots and wings.

In a side note, I was pissed off yesterday because my iPhone 5s finally went to the great cellphone garden in the sky, and I had to fork out a fortune on a new one. But now I see that my little iSidekick was probably under an ungodly amount of pressure to keep up with me… and that lasting almost 3 years, through all those countries, was a true testament to Steve’s great Job. Thanks phone.

And thanks to ALL my friends and family for putting up with my ever-changing ideas of where I belong. The truth is I suppose, that you don’t have to belong anywhere. But sometimes it’s nice when you do.