How very New York…

It wasn’t long ago that the noticeboard in my local scribble spot in Ubud promised ‘let your life be a sacred altar’ sessions, free hugs and a colonic; maybe even all three at the same time. Today however in New York, I’m looking at this:

It’s not very Bali, well… apart from the hues of pink of blue, which are kind of spiritual looking I suppose, if you’re used to standing on clouded mountains at sunset. Which I’m not. I like the use of the Star Wars characters though. I like how they’re appearing more ‘extrovert’ because they’re skipping. I thought they were pretty extrovert already, you know, flying round space and all that. You can’t do that if you’re shy. But man, I am learning so much in New York City today!

I’m not sure I’ll apply to be in this music video though… even though I’m used to dancing and acting silly, thanks to all that Ecstatic Dancing at the Yoga Barn. I had to learn how to do that sober. These people want to ruin everything I’ve worked for by plying me with beer and pizza (tut). Perhaps I should go and try and teach them that it’s OK to dance sober with a clear colon? Perhaps they need me?

Or… probably… they don’t. God.