I am not impressed…

Today I am mostly hating…. VODAFONE. Why oh why can you not just do what you said you would on Saturday, when I stood in your store for 40 minutes, while you politely and SLOWLY filled in all the forms to enable me data services on my Blackberry? WHY can you not do this?

I didn’t even mind when you said you couldn’t connect me over the weekend. I simply nodded and smiled and said, no problem, I look forward to your services on Monday morning.

WHAT A FOOL I WAS!!!!! Have I learned nothing from my past encounters?? Do we ever learn, as we grow older in this modern age, that the companies who claim to make our lives easier, only ever screw them up?

It’s Monday morning now. It’s sunny outside. It’s a nice day, but I am sad. My phone is still a phone, Vodafone. It’s not a gateway to the world wide web and the land of facebook. It’s not showing me my emails. It’s not even ringing because your people haven’t called me back.

I was just told you couldn’t access my account, in order to tell me why my account can’t be accessed… in order to tell me why the web can’t be accessed, when I’ve paid for this necessary key. I’ve paid for it, Vodafone. You have taken my money. You have my money and I have no data services, and you don’t know why. Oh yes, this makes me very sad. LOOK.  Mini sad face  🙁

Now I have to go back to the store. I have to leave my desk and my work and my office and my life, to go back to the store, to ask them in person why they’ve failed to do what they said they would do, on Saturday.

Vodafone, you suck.