I love yoga now. And I am a hypocrite…


Now, you know how I feel about hippy talk and people who think they’re enlightened just because they do yoga, but to be honest, I can now see myself getting quite into yoga. I know… I know… what a hypocrite. But I never thought this would happen to me. Clearly it only takes a few days here in Bali to change completely, if you concentrate. I’ve been concentrating.

I’ve been dragging myself to The Yoga Barn pretty much as soon as I wake up each morning because if I don’t… if I stop for just a second and think “Becky, can you really be arsed with this?” the answer is always no. So I get here ahead of my own consciousness and that way I AM WINNING, you see? And once I’m here in the cafe drinking my organic wheatgrass/bee pollen/spirulina/seaweed frappe, looking at all the other people just like me (but with more B.O and dreadlocks, usually) it’s too late to back out of class.

I have taken myself completely by surprise but I just caught myself saying Namaste in a serious, meaningful fashion at the end of an excellent Core Yoga class here at the Yoga Barn, and before I could scold myself I was already thinking “oh, I feel so aligned and centred right now, I am going to order an organic salad and a coconut and write some of my book and be at one with my divinity.” Which I did. That’s my salad up there. And my fucking coconut!!!

Also, my friend Brie wanted a hug, and we hugged for over 30 seconds, which counts as a hippy hug. Even more so because it was at The Yoga Barn.

Holy shit! Where’s my ukulele?

One thought on “I love yoga now. And I am a hypocrite…

  1. Ha! Can you be arsed?

    Could you and any of your other navel gazing yoga friends “be arsed” to come out to Villa Kitty at 6.30am and help feed our 125 cats and kittens. Clean a few litter trays, though we’ve never asked anyone to do this and we do in fact now have a “dedicated litter tray cleaner”. Then perhaps after this I could poach you an egg and place it on a delicious piece of Honeymoon Bakery brown bread, no it’s not organic, and I could hold the butter or butter it just as you like. Kopi Bali or in fact I have English Breakfast tea. I’d even make it in a pot!

    So many jobs here that will make you feel pretty wonderful at the end of your hard session with the Villa Kitty kitty cats that you will go off singing ‘da da dah da da da da da da dah something alley cat da da di da dah”

    Anyway… just a thought.

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