I want to go here… like, now…

cingCinque Terre. Italy. I must go immediately… or if not, very soon. Ever since I saw this photo about an hour ago I’ve become obsessed with it, to the point where I think if I don’t visit before I die, I might die. I think perhaps I lived here in a past life. I often think this when I get obsessed with things though… like maybe I’ve lived a thousand lives and each one can be jogged to the forefront of my current mind somehow by a photograph, or a smell, or a song. But look at it. It looks like a magical kingdom.

Maybe I’m imagining the pull because secretly I want to live somewhere that looks like a rainbow.


Cinque Terre is a bit touristy, as you can imagine. And apparently it’s a bit of a pain in the arse to get to… but that just means that once I’m there, sipping sweet Prosciutto wine, nibbling from a Parma ham plate and wearing one of those floaty Italian scarves with thin tassels on the ends, it will be worth it.

If you want to come, let me know. I’ll be going quite soon, and probably sitting on that rock there on the right with a good book until a handsome Italian restaurant owner throws me a rescue rope made from strong strands of his homemade spaghetti and winches me back up. We’ll be married shortly afterwards of course, so if you don’t make it there with me the first time, maybe you can come for the wedding. Yay!

See you soon!

2 thoughts on “I want to go here… like, now…

  1. Lady, I have been there and trust me it is AMAZING. I plan to get married there one day. Seriously. It’s cheap, beautiful, and the food is amazing. Stay in Vernazza and drink tons of the wine which is not exported outside of the country!!

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