If I was a celebrity, I would totally wear the hell out of this…

10678813_10152636476218863_1996693278856925129_nIs Lenny Kravitz wearing a scarf or a blanket? This was the question posed today by a select few while the rest of the world was concerning themselves with other less important things like… well, who knows?

THIS is clearly the most important thing. Should we call this a scarf or a blanket?

Some suggest it’s a blarf. Oh I larf at his blarf!

It makes him look smaller. Perhaps that’s what he’s going for. Perhaps Lenny Kravitz woke up and thought, you know what, when the paps pap me I always look too large. Maybe if I drape myself an item designed for an African elephant visiting the North Pole I’ll look like a normal sized human. 

Who knows what’s going through his head? Maybe nothing is it all. Maybe that’s the beauty of it. When you’re as famous as him you can pretty much wear whatever you like and get away with it. You think it’s weird? Well f*ck you. Come and get it.

I love him.

I feel sorry for the elephant though. He’ll be cold in the North Pole tonight.