If OKCupid fails you, you could always try this…

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 18.39.15This is Friday. She wanted to be a naturist for… like… ever… and probably no one in her hometown thought that was a good idea. So you know what she did? Let’s guess. Did she:

A) Say OK, I’ll wear clothes and get an office job and forget my dreams of living out my life in a totally awesome, spectacular way.

B) Say SCREW YOU, I’m moving to the Philippines where I will buy an island and walk around naked for as long as I live. With my dog. And yoga.

friday-warrier3That’s right, Friday chose B!

Her website informs us that every other month, this remarkable woman “invites a family member, a friend or a friend of a friend to visit her” on this remote island in Palawan.

“Some will have been before; new visitors will be carefully screened to invite only like-minded people. To honour her femininity, a handful of open-minded, healthy men have been washed to her shores. Several of these have evolved into beautiful polyamorous relationships, visiting her 
2 – 4 weeks each year.”

How blimmin cool is that? She has an island, she gets to be naked, and she gets to choose which men row up to service her. Talk about living the dream.

OKCupid’s a good place to start, but if all else fails I guess I could just go native. I’m so inspired right now.