Illinois Wingate Hotel Ghost – real or fake? Who cares? It’s brilliant!

Stanley-HotelI haven’t been as scared as I was this morning in a LONG time, because I woke up to find this at the top of my Facebook feed:

Luckily I watched it and completely freaked myself out before I started reading all the comments underneath because bloody hell, what a bunch of killjoy fun-crushers there are in those comment boxes, all saying it’s fake! So what? I want to believe. I’m freakin’ Fox Mulder. I WANT to believe. Why can’t someone let me, just this once?

Anyway, if you really want to freak yourself out, download the True Ghost Stories from Around The World app and read those babies alone at night with the lights out. They never fail to scare me senseless.

Yeah, OK, maybe I’m weird…

But make more videos like this please, even if they are fake. I love that fear running through my veins. Doesn’t it make you feel alive???