I’m confused about Noah…

Russell Crowe as NoahSo, Noah. (spoiler alert) I’m a bit stumped. Like the Bible it’s a very good story but I’m a little confused as to the giant rock monsters from outer space who helped build the ark.

And also, the convenient magic potion that sent the animals to sleep so Russell Crowe and Emma Watson could have fire-lit tea parties without being eaten by lions.

Also, the baddy who had more of a cockney accent than Michael Caine and somehow survived hidden for nine months on the ark, eating animals he cooked with a candle.

Oh and Anthony Hopkins, who should have known better.

I’m also a tad concerned about the ending (double spoiler alert) as I see no other way they can continue mankind without resorting to incest. Maybe that’s the sequel?

Maybe I’m just tired but if that’s a hint at actual creation, no wonder we’re all screwed up.

Although… I do believe there were giant rock monsters once. Obviously.