I’m in America!!! And this is why I love it…


I love how in Whole Foods, here in Boulder, Colorado, a sample sized sandwich is the same size as a sandwich I’d make for myself, so I never have to pay for lunch. I love how everywhere I look there are grinning pumpkins awaiting Halloween on porches, which have railings and fences sprayed with cobwebs, scattered with giant, fake spiders. I love how each street looks like a scene from a storybook.

I love how the colours of Autumn seem brighter here, how the ambers, burgundies and yellows sparkle and shine against clear blue skies, even when it’s cold outside. I love that I am taken to a haunted house murder mystery show in a mansion on a Friday night, when the Friday before I was in London, catching up with an old friend who was just as excited about that as I was. I love that it was the best Friday night experience ever.20131026-003916.jpg

I love that finally, I’ve found a place in America with touches of Bali; that I can have a conversation on a bus with a Vedic astrologer wrapped in a woollen shawl… that I can stop strangers in the street for directions and they’ll walk me to my destination, even if it makes them late. That I can be invited to a pumpkin street party, a yogic dance experiment and an astrology meeting all in one day.20131026-003545.jpg

I love that I can befriend two guys with a marijuana business sitting outside a bar, getting high only on craft beer and giggling constantly because I’m living at altitude. And because cloudless skies, the thought of 300 days of sunshine a year and the spark of new friendships just makes me deliriously happy. 20131026-002926.jpg

I love that even though I’m far from the ocean, that even though I miss the sound of the waves and there’s no scuba diving for a thousand miles, I’m falling for another of nature’s charms, I feel calmed by the snowy embrace of the mountains that surround me now… take comfort in the silence, the peace, the fragrance of the fallen leaves under my feet. The knowledge that the seasons are changing as quickly as I feel like I am.20131026-002702.jpg

I love that I am different for my accent yet accepted straight away… the digs and mockery from people I’ve just met that is meant only in jest, intrigue and sometimes admiration, and I love that I’m walking around in wonder at everything I see, everyone I meet and every twist of fate that brought me here.

I love that I love Colorado already!