In the eye of the storm…

I’ve always been fascinated by tornadoes. I think The Wizard of Oz had something to do with it. For years I thought the world existed in black and white and it was only after a giant tornado touched down that it all changed into colour. I thought tornadoes were like the fingers of God. In a way I suppose they are. But I blame Hollywood for making me think such wild grey, evil twists of terror would ever bring joy and colour to the world. Dorothy made me sound like a right tool at school. But obviously my world was black and grey anyway, living in England. How was I supposed to know that no tornado was ever gonna change things?

Anyway, I kind of like the look of this. It’s not a real tornado, rather a dest devil. I never saw any in Dubai but I’m sure they happened. These guys look they’re having a lot of fun with the forces of nature, but no one actually confirms whether it’s calm in the middle, once they get there! I wonder what it’s really like in the eye of a storm. Someone needs to call Mythbusters.

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