Introducing our new nom de plume, Lola Salt

Very excited to reveal that I have a new secret identity, as one half of Lola Salt… 

Sarah Alderson and I have written a book together, which was at first an attempt at writing erotica. When that descended into fits of giggles we decided that comedy was our thing and now we’ve written something that can best be described as Bridget Jones, if it had been written by Jackie Collins. It’s now in the hands of our agents and we’re super excited. Keep your fingers crossed and please like our fan page on Facebook!

Here’s the blurb for our book… ‘The Amazing Life and Loves of Lara Craft (Not Croft)’ We dare you not to be excited!

“When ex-circus employee Lara Craft is dumped for a contortionist, there’s no point in sticking around. Delivering packages to random global corners for a mysterious concierge company seems like the perfect way to hide from her humiliation.

As she travels, a suitcase full of whips and props might well prepare Lara for proposals by Arabic princes, advances from Christian cowboys and kidnappings by pirates. It might even help her learn to love herself in Bali, survive a mistaken A-list identity crisis and dodge a glittering, pot-smoking Twihard who insists on calling her Bella.

But nothing can prepare Lara Craft (not Croft) for what happens when she discovers that the best and most exciting thing about her life is right where she least expected to find it.”