iPhone Getaway Episode 5: Squealing pigs, a chicken carpet and the scariest butcher EVER…

I finally got YouTube working, with some of my videos at least. So here is the ALL-NEW iPhone Getaway Episode 5, featuring probably the most amazing morning I’ve had yet in Bali! I stayed at the beautiful, quiet Alila Manggis on the East coast of Bali (same place as I filmed the organic garden) and they took me to the local market, AWAY from all the tourists. It’s called Klungkung and it’s mental, smelly, chaotic and real. A real taste of how the Balinese live! I loved every second… even the seconds in which I encountered a demonic butcher.

If you’re interested you can read my full review of the Alila Manggis on TheTravelEditor here! xx

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