It’s cover reveal day for Before He Was A Secret. Exclusive excerpt here…

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Today’s the day, whoo hoooooo! I can finally reveal another amazing cover by designer Jeanine Henning, for the third standalone romance in my Starstruck Series, Before He Was A Secret. It’s set in Nashville, check out those glimmering lights! (I’m addicted to the TV show, which helped inspire me a little with these singer songwriting superstars! There are a lot of songs in this one).

If you liked Before He Was Famous, and then Before He Was Gone, I promise you, this one is even more romantic and packed with things to make you go oooooooooh. Lots of lovely bloggers will be splashing this baby across the web today thanks to Xpresso Book Tours and I can’t wait to share it with you on Amazon in March.

If you’re a blogger, email me at for an Advanced Reading Copy.

Without further ado… here’s a little snippet!

‘I’ve got some new stuff for you tonight,’ I say, adjusting the mic stand a little more. I’m taller than the last guy. Candice whistles through her fingers and I notice a girl in pigtails slapping her shoulder to shut her up. I smile, drag the stool closer, look to the blond for a split second. She’s looking right at me in intrigue now, leaning against the wall, still beneath the PBR sign. Something about her is kind of familiar.

‘I’ll start with a little something to warm us up,’ I say, tweaking the bottom E string. ‘Kenny Chesney’s doing OK from this one. We’re may not be in Mexico but with those Fireballs running low over there, we might be onto the tequila soon.’ I strum the D chord, sink straight into the song Beer in Mexico and the clapping and toe-tapping and the occasional whistle hit my ears.

I always start with an up-tempo number to get people going. Already more people are watching me than the last guy, but by the time I reach the chorus I’m not really thinking about anything. I’m connecting with the audience; the odd grin, the odd look, but it’s another world up here. It’s me and the music. And of course, the responsibility of doing it justice.

I say all but a sentence before launching into my own song. One I wrote the other week. One that now, in a room full of people feels as raw as when Grace walked out for the millionth time and the lyrics flew into my head. Everyone’s quiet now. The girl with the big blue eyes is watching me intently.

Our world is a battlefield

Where we both use words to harm

Two sides, no one knows who’s right

But we both wear equal scars



Look at what takes place

When our dreams and schemes collide

At first light, pull your armour tight

Cos there’s nowhere left to hide


Our love was a shelter

Now it’s the bomb that starts the war

Maybe we could warn the innocents in our path

If we could stop to ask

What all this fighting is for


Swan dive into all our lies

Swimming hard against our hearts

Hanging on, while it feels so wrong

Letting go’s the hardest part


Our love was a shelter

Now it’s the bomb that starts the war

Maybe we could warn the innocents in our path

If we could stop to ask

What all this fighting is for…

I’m vaguely aware of the lump in my throat that I have to ignore. I sing right over it like I always do, working through the emotions with the words and when I wrap up Battlefield and introduce another new one, it’s not just Candice who whoops at the back of the room. The blond, now with Tal back by her side is clapping furiously. I meet her blue eyes and something in my stomach jolts as I realize they’re watering. Is she crying?

‘Well, thank you so much,’ I say into the mic, putting the guitar on the stand and moving the stool over to the keyboard. ‘Good to see some new faces here tonight.’ She swipes at her face again. She’s beautiful.

I force my eyes away, sit down. ‘You’ll have to go easy on me, guys. I’m giving you the new stuff tonight. This one’s called Time.’ I put my fingers to the keys, take a breath, settle into the padding of the stool and start to play.

Before He Was A Secret is coming in March!