It’s my book birthday! Before He Was Famous is out now EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon (and I’m eating pizza)


We’re having a pizza party!! I’m lucky enough to be spending my book birthday for Before He Was Famous, with Sarah Alderson, who just received the hard copies of her new book Out of Control! So it’s a double whammy pizza fest today, and we also got to sing Disney songs with Alula and her friend here… which of course was my favourite part of the day.

Obviously I don’t have a hard copy of my book to strategically place on a table because it’s on the Internet in teeny pixels, but you can get it here!

After months of writing and even MORE months of figuring out the whole self publishing thing, I’m suuuuper excited to share it with the world as it’s my first new adult romance, and the first book I’ve written that hasn’t involved gallivanting round the world drinking potions in jungles or shaking my mind away in ashrams, or all the other fun but slightly crazy stuff I did in the name of writing memoirs. For this one I got to sit back and dream of hot boys, and listen to songs, and fall in luuuuuuuurve.

It’s kind of a story that’s been brewing in my mind for years and years, but I only really set pen to paper last year. You know… some stories just stick with you and won’t go away until they’re written? If you don’t know it’s all about a guy who becomes famous and how he juggles his closest relationships amid a media frenzy. You can download the first few chapters for free on Amazon to see if you like it!

There’s also a playlist of songs that ran through my computer and brain while I was writing it (and trying to bring Noah Lockton to life so I can marry him and WE can sing songs together… even Disney ones!)

OK. Enjoy! I’m off for more pizza!

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