It’s really scary, being on the radio…

I just had to do a radio interview – the first of two I have in my diary (eeek!). I didn’t know it was about to be broadcast live when I sat down, though, THANK GOD. I fluffed up a word because my mouth was all dry and I was a bit nervous, but it’s OK, because after I fluffed it, I apologised.

YES. I know. Error. I instantly regretted it. Pros don’t apologise when they fluff lines, do they? Because if you apologise, people realise you’ve fluffed up. It’s like farting and then telling everyone.

I’m sure the rest of it went OK. I hope it did, anyway. We had a laugh and he didn’t ask too many awkward questions, and those ones that I thought were a little bit difficult, I managed to skip around and change the subject, hurrah!

However, I’m a bit disappointed with myself about the fluffing incident because when I worked at Nova I used to spend all blimmin’ day in the studios with radio pros and I thought I had a pretty good idea of what sounds good and what doesn’t.

But when it was just me, on my own in a room wearing headphones, talking to a lovely man far, far away in Hobart, I forgot all that and for a few painfully slow seconds that must have had Tasmanians frowning into their afternoon tea cups, I forgot how to speak basic English.  MUMMY!!!

As a writer, you never have to reveal how it sometimes takes a zillion tries to get the right message across. Thanks to this experience, I now appreciate how hard it is being on the radio. Those peeps I worked with at Nova not so long ago are so TALENTED! Even more talented than I realised at the time, and I always knew they were awesome. It’s so nerve-wracking, conveying the correct message without a delete button.  And it’s reeeally hard sounding natural when you’ve got all those things you can and can’t say, and questions to ask and answer, and timings and songs to work around. Wow – I now respect them even more!

One man sent a text for me during the chat, which was very nice. He drew attention to the fact that they serve camel burgers in Dubai’s McDonalds, which I had to admit I never knew. Do they? I can’t believe I missed that. My experience over there was far from complete and there I was thinking I’d done everything. Sheesh!

Anyway, one down, one to go. At least it was good practice. I do need a drink though…

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  1. The best radio interviews sound like a conversation between 2 people… its relaxed and there’s no spin. As long as you don’t tell in jokes and make a point of sharing short stories… well, thats radio 101 right there

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