Jordan’s book is nmbr won?! Hmmm…

Jordan’s recent tweets are hilarious. She just tweeted a “so there” type message to the media about her book being number one in the charts, but her spelling and grammar are so piss poor, she can barely write 140 characters correctly. Bless!!!

Me-thinks there’s a very good reason her book is so successful. She didn’t write a word of it!

Recent twitter gems include:

MissKatiePrice: paps are cool if they are real paps and respectful! not the SCUM outside my house an who follow people on holiday;)

MissKatiePrice: i love filming my show at least it shows the real me an the truth!!! an yes i moan at paps when there not WELCOME about 2 hours ago via web

MissKatiePrice: isnt if funny the online newspaper sites are so negative an put me down but dont print the POSITIVE truth that my book is number 1 PRICKS

I’m pretty sure Jordan/Katie Price doesn’t have the brains to realise that her efforts to engage in this poorly educated manner might make her hordes of fans(?) doubt her claims to have written an entire book, but you’d have thought one of her “people” would have said something to her by now.

And if she did write it, I can’t imagine what her editor must have thought when she copped an eyeful of that initial manuscript. Sheeeesh! That’s a frickin’ scary thought.