Koala Awards numbers 2, 3 and 4…

We’ve met some truly incredible people in the tourism industry on our journey so far and as such, they have all been given a koala to bless their desks with a little bit of Australia. The first we awarded to Sandra Ochoa at Hotel Home Buenos Aires.

The second award goes to Fernando Atias and Germán Rozo at Jardin Escondido in Buenos Aires, where we had the good luck to be able to house-sit for Francis Ford Coppola. Yay! They were both so much fun and we had a great time making friends with new people over a yummy asado and plenty of wine. The house itself is spectacular.

The third award goes to Monica at Club Tapiz in Medoza, Argentina. We spent plenty of time by the gorgeous fire here making friends with visiting people and tasting some seriously good wine. Club Tapiz has some of the comfiest beds in Argentina, not to mention the prettiest setting in an old winery.

The fourth award goes to the gorgeous Diogo Vultos, manager of The Aubrey in Santiago, Chile. Not only did his dashing looks stop us in his tracks, he happens to be one of the coolest, nicest hotel managers ever, and he didn’t even think we were silly when we locked our stuff in the safe and couldn’t get it out. Well, if he did he didn’t say, which makes him a WINNER!!!

More Koala Awards coming soon!

*All photos by Autumn Mooney