London tube strike VS ghost face in Dorset waves…

While everyone is banging on about tube strikes in London, the Gods of the Ocean are striking back themselves down south. Check out Poseidon here taking a look at Lyme Regis before he gets all tsunami on it…


Imagine standing with your Spaniel on the seafront looking at that!

I don’t know whether this has been enhanced… well, OK it probably has but when photographer Simon Emmett shot this yesterday it must have had some eerie quality in order for someone to add to it. You don’t see shiz like this on the tube when it strikes.

I would like someone to post a photo of a gust of wind being blown from a tube tunnel in the exact embodiment of Michael Jackson doing one last Moonwalk, or Henry VIII chopping off someone’s head. Please. Otherwise shut up about tube strikes because there’s waaaaaay scarier stuff going on elsewhere.

Poseidon is flooding homes, closing schools, ruining actual OUTDOOR train tracks (you know, the real kind?) and his damage will last longer than a London tube strike.

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