Mamma Mia! It’s OK to sleep around…


Well, having seen this stage show twice now (just got back from the theatre with my lovely mummy) I remain ever stumped by the message in Mamma Mia: that apparently it’s OK to shag about!

Now that’s something to smile about – like the lady in all the posters.

One of the last lines in the performance is actually “I don’t care if you slept with a hundred men. You’re my mother!”

And then they all jump around in their dungarees and what-not and rejoice to the sound of yet more Abba while we’re all going, hang on a minute, WHAT?!


I’m not sure how I’d feel if my mum turned round and said “I wasn’t sure who your dad was, Becky, so I moved to Greece, and dressed myself in dungarees and in turn, let you marry a man at age 20 because I didn’t want you to make the mistakes I did… oh no, wait, clearly I don’t actually mind what mistakes you make… you go ahead and marry him at age 20, that’s fine. I have three men out there who could potentially take care of your children should you get knocked up; I’m just gonna carry on singing Abba if that’s OK with you?”

I’m not SURE how I’d feel if my mum said that.

Maybe I need to watch the show a third time. Maybe I’m still not getting it.