Man gets real-life X-Men powers and shoots flames from his wrists!!!

Pyro_x3_posterYes really. A dude in England (from my home county of Lincolnshire no less) has invented a bloody FLAME THROWER that shoots fire from his wrist. Imagine if Daenerys had that… she wouldn’t even need any dragons. I just showed my friend Sarah this and here’s what we both said at the same time:

 Me: Woah, that’s so cool!

Sarah: Woah, that is sooooo dangerous. What if he hit someone?

I think that says a lot about our maturity levels. But seriously, I want one. Where do I sign!?

The inventor who er… invented this, proudly demonstrates how the contraption can shoot 12 foot flames from his own wrist, pretty much giving himself X-Men-style superpowers. Apparently he has already invented Wolverine’s claws and Magneto’s gravity defying boots. Some people have waaaaaay too much time on their hands, but hey, at least it’s useful stuff. You never know when you might need to torch something, right?

How long till he invents an invisibility cloak, do you think? I know a few hotties I might like to check up on….