Manga, Maid Cafes and other mad things in Tokyo……

20130619-162242.jpg“Would you like to come upstairs? I make special food for you!” said the 18 year old Japanese girl standing on the street, wearing more frills than Little Bo Peep on prom night. She’s one of Tokyo’s “maids,” – one of a group of overly made-up girls in costume, employed to lure people into their special cafes in Akihabara, where they do nice things for them…

“No thanks,” we said, more than a little concerned by both her eerily cheerful demeanor and the picture of scrambled eggs painted with a ketchup teddybear she was clearly intending to make us for lunch. Off we went. Quickly. But not before catching a glimpse of her friends on a giant billboard. Eating with them all singing and dancing and squirting things on innocent food items would be like dining on the set of a horror movie about emotionally manipulative clones. People pay for these evils?

Akihabara is probably the weirdest place in Tokyo. Not only do Maid Cafes make up the majority of eating establishments (seriously, even Colonel Sanders looked concerned)…

…it’s the epicenter of the Manga and anime craze, so you’re never entirely sure if what you’re looking at is real, or some crazy bug eyed hologram about to faux-ninja-kick you into the next dimension. There’s even anime porn and semi-naked moon-faced plastic dolls for sale (at ludicrous prices). I think this one on the left is built to hold a giant lollipop, although I could just be being naive… (ahem)


There are lots of things to do in Akihabara if you don’t much care for anime or Maid Cafes. You could, for example, fish for oversized plastic crabs in an amusement arcade.


Don’t like crabs? Well not to worry, you can always pop into an adult shop for a tiny child’s G-string.


If you’re into your themed restaurants in Japan, (and you’ve exhausted all the maids) come back later and I’ll tell you all about Ninja Akasaka…