Me, Adolf and a loo brush: my nightly battle with a Bali beast…

roachyI just had another fight with Adolf in the bathroom. I call him Adolf Shitler ’cause he lives in the bathroom and thinks he can run the place. This time he came a little bit too close to me with his touchy-feelers and I threatened him with the toilet brush. Shit got serious instantly.

I don’t usually use weapons on Adolf because I’m trying to maintain a zen living environment over here but seriously, every night he dances past when he thinks I can’t reach him and every night I have to put up with him watching me pee and then running away.

He is such a little PERVERT.

I waved the toilet brush in his face just now and he scuttled alongside the bath to try and get away. I waved it at his arse and he turned around, hightailing it along Mildew Avenue. Then, in an effort to outsmart me he turned and ran straight at me, thinking I would scream and jump away… which I DID, obviously. But as he ran through my legs towards Black Mould Boulevard I swiped him with the brush, forcing him to the edge of the drain.


Only, Adolf refused to go down the drain. He actually took three hard swipes from the toilet brush to his arse, but he stood his ground. “You can hit me all you want, but I am NOT going down that fucking drain,” he said. I lowered the brush and put it back in its holder. I had to admire his courage.

He’s still down there, thinking he’s won. In a way I guess he has. I’m going to have to think of another tactic for tomorrow…

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