Mendoza mountain frolics: a nice Climax and some fun with horses

Every day gets better in Mendoza! Not only have Autumn and I gotten to breathe air that hasn’t passed through the pipes of a zillion buses, (unlike in Buenos Aires) we’ve gotten to sniff the fumes of a zillion wines, which is a squillion times nicer. Obviously yesterday would only have been about 45% as magnificent if it wasn’t for the fabulous Kendra at Uncorking Argentina… this lady knows everyone and everything about wine and about Mendoza!  She’s to Mendoza what the ancient Shamans are to the Amazon, only younger and less wrinkly and less likely to make you eat roots from weird plants whilst walking round naked.

So… yesterday we all spent the morning at Zorzal, which contrary to my imaginings was not a space pod elevated above the ground, but rather the highest altitude vineyard… although, they did have some rather space-agey looking eggs on the forecourt. I maintain that these really would make excellent rocket ships if they weren’t being used to ferment wine (shame).

Zorzal showed us some of the best, and I mean BEST wines we’ve  ever tasted, which is testament to how well this winery has been doing since it opened in 2008. Three years after it opened in fact, it won the trophy for the best Malbec over US$50 for the Argentina Wine Awards.

We also had a rather nice climax. Oh don’t be vulgar, I mean this:

Climax Owners Blend 2010 is probably the nicest wine I’ve had in Mendoza so far.

After our wine tasting and some brainstorming as to how they could possibly make what I think could be the greatest TV wine commercial in the world (and recording it for future YouTube viewing of course), we headed up into the mountains and the snow-splattered slopes of the Cordon del Plata range, where people like this were waiting with our horses and I had to borrow a big man’s coat.

Here we got to have a typical asado in the little house of my dreams. Seriously, I cannot convery how cool this was, and how lovely and cosy this typical gaucho house is thanks to a roaring fire, some more excellent wine, oodles of perfectly cooked meat and the company of the gorgeous gauchos at Quebrada del Condor. It was sooooo cold, we practically had to get into the fire.

Oh, and when we were horse riding, one of us fell off. I won’t say who.

Obviously I’m writing it ALL up for Latinalicious – The South American Diaries, so maybe I’ll tell you in the book…but even that wouldn’t be as good of a climax as that wine.

You must try it.

Another wicked day in Mendoza!

*All pics by AUTUMN MOONEY

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  1. I see you are having a good time, ladies! Enjoy!! Wine wine wine… these stories are drying my mouth… Salud!

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