Monkey Say Monkey Do Not…

It wasn’t so much the fact that he was plying the spider monkey with Bintang from a can, as it was the fact that the spider monkey was clearly used to being plied Bintang from a can, that disturbed me a bit this morning.

It started out as a normal boat ride. You know, just your average mid-week boat ride over from Bali to the Gili Islands (ahem). But just as I, along with my fellow passengers were lying back on the deck with our iPod wires flapping about in the breeze, the inebriated spider monkey started bounding about on its leash and jumping all over us like an excited toddler after too many sweets.

Its owners, a very rowdy, very friendly older bunch from the UK who were enjoying a hearty Bintang breakfast (it was 8.30 am) clearly loved the drunken monkey very much and were only too happy to let it have total freedom. The monkey exhibited its appreciation by pissing all over the top deck.

On one side of the boat, a relatively normal journey commenced; posing backpackers with strong arms making you yearn to share a lifeboat in a freak storm:

On the other side of the boat, spilled drinks, wild pets on leashes, boozed up, semi-naked old men and SPIDER MONKEY MAYHEM!

Just when I thought the monkey must have had quite enough beer, it went back for more.

There’s absolutely no stopping a spider monkey if it wants a Bintang, let me tell you.

Just another day in Indonesia. x

One thought on “Monkey Say Monkey Do Not…

  1. Yikes!! I met a monkey in Bolivia who would get drunk and hump its owner’s ear with it’s little rubber dart-like dick. Clearly this monkey needs another couple drinks…

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