Monkeying around in the Amazon…


Awwwwww, this fricking monkey stole my heart in Brazil this summer. Have you ever seen anything so cute in your life? We basically stayed in this jungle lodge as part of our Dragoman Rio-Cusco trip, and these little monkeys were running and jumping all over us every time we stepped outside. They’ve been raised by humans from birth at the lodge, so they were basically just acting like interactive, hyperactive children. Bless!


Too cute. It was so hard to leave the lodge because of these guys; we literally all just fell in love with them!


Thanks to Russ Anderson for the photos and bringing back all these amazing memories! You can read more about the incredible, three-week long overland Dragoman trip in Latinalicious – The South America Diaries – out now on Kindle. Order it on Amazon now.

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