Musings on the earth…

photoSometimes I think, in places like this, where the ocean meets the sky in a thousand shades of blue, that each force competes with the other. The ocean says to the sky, I can travel faster, sparkle without stars, sweep people up in a majestic underworld otherwise unseen and make them breathe in bubbles.

And the sky says, well, that’s all very impressive. I only sparkle by night, my treasures are infinite but undiscovered and when I move, I myself go mostly unseen. But you have to know mighty ocean, that while people don’t always look up at me, without me they wouldn’t know which way was down.

And that, my friend, would make an awfully big mess.

So as the endless sky I present to you a painting, to remind you I too am swirling in the silence. I give to you great ocean, these clouds; balls of fire flaming higher than the tallest building man can make. I’ll paint it all again, minute by minute, each shade designed to change your colors in turn. Together we will blaze in both the ups and downs, the real and the reflection and no human, either in me or in you will ever think to question who is best. Because we are each other.

We are the world.

And we are beautiful.

**Nha Trang, Vietnam