My Bali Getaway Video (complete with road rage)

I only just realised I could link this video from Facebook to my blog. Ah, the wonders of technology eh! I made a little Getaway type thing using my iPhone and edited on the mac, so here it is – my mini tour of the ARMA Resort and Spa, with a little fix of typical Bali road rage at the end, just for kicks. Click away!!! (Can’t get it to play from here, any tips?!)

Having been here in Ubud for just over a week I’ve managed to fall completely in love with the place. There’s been too much going on to blog every day, you know how it is,… and I’ve also had tons of work to finish which means I haven’t had enough time for a swim yet either (I know, shocking!!!) but I still have two weeks left, so there’s time to fix that.

Anyway, obviously when you travel on your own it’s like one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books. So I’ve chosen to get out and about on a bicycle tour, which I also have a video of (dammit, so much editing to do!) and have now, I think, seen a tiny slice of the real Bali, which is a stunning mass of rice fields and the most incredible greens I’ve ever seen, and the cutest little villages known to man sprinkled in between. Far away from the tourists… apart from us cycling right through it all, clearly.

I’ve also become part of an awesome writer’s circle. The other day we congregated in a beautiful little cafe on Monkey Forest Road (Cafe Wayan) and 18 of us took a prompt, such as ‘Inside The Dark’ and carried on writing. We had to finish the sentence and write without stopping or thinking, until the timer went off. It was incredible what came out. We all had to read what we’d written afterwards and some people even cried reading stuff back. It’s amazing what comes out of your heart when you don’t let your head interfere. I’m thinking of starting one in Sydney.

Some of the writers, along with a great Aussie expat called Paul, another author called Helen and yet another called Cat have also become friends, as has a fabulous French traveller called Stef. We’re going to watch a traditional cremation ceremony tomorrow, which sounds kind of dark and macabre but I figure, hey, these people have invited us because in their culture, they just want to share EVERYTHING… so why not? (I may feel differently about this surrounded by the stench of burning flesh. More on that to come I’m sure).

Anyway, suffice to say Ubud is the kind of place that really does breathe new life into you. I don’t see how it can’t when there’s so much natural beauty all around. Even the people are beautiful. Sigh. I think it’s going to be hard to leave this place…

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  1. Love it. It’s disturbing to think that there are some people who get to enjoy that every single day. Every. bloody. single. day.
    But loving the updates, Becky. Definitely have to make my way there. x

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