My breakfast with psychic Susan Taylor…

I’ve been to a number of psychics in my life – I think like a lot of people I just want that reassurance that I’ll actually wake up the next morning, and the one after that, and the one after that. Especially as everything seems to kill us, these days.

Anyway, last week I had the privilege of meeting one of Australia’s best, if not the best of them all – Susan Taylor. She stays at the gorgeous Hughendon Hotel quite a lot, giving readings to all sorts of interesting people, like celebs, and sportsmen, (and the wives of sportsmen who want to know if the swines are cheating on them!) It was there that we chowed down on croissants and fresh fruit and had an excellent in-depth discussion about life, love, God, spirits and soulmates – all before 10am, and sober. So refreshing.

My reading though… AMAZING!

Susan took my palms in her own hands and told me more about myself than any psychic’s ever been able to spot. “Don’t trust men with wide ends to their thumbs,” was her sage advice, “or men with inward facing little fingers, as they’ll be manipulative.” Intriguing.

She also used French tarot cards. I may have mentioned I’ve been learning the tarot but these were like nothing I’ve ever seen before… I didn’t understand them all. But Susan saw my future for the next six months and it was weird because a lot of what she said would happen has actually already started… a work in progress if you will. It was like she put the final piece in the puzzle, made the picture clearer, you know? Without knowing anything about me.

I’m not sure exactly now, how much I will make happen myself because the ideas have been put into my head… and how much is actually my pre-planned destiny, written in the stars by the universe, but it all sounded quite exciting, if she turns out to be right. I shouldn’t reveal what she said exactly, but she was spot on about my past relationship, spot on about my career and said my future lies in a country that I long ago fell in love with, but haven’t lived in for a while. Those are my words… she mentioned the country itself several times. She mentioned specifics but I’m not gonna give it away, haha!

I was muchos impressed. Oh, and who’s David? I don’t know you yet David, apparently. But whoever you are, hurry up and get here. x

Susan lives in Melbourne but also reads in Sydney. If you want a reading (highly recommended) tell her I sent you! Contact to book.

She’ll be in Melbourne (19 Willansby Avenue) June 2, 18, 24, 25, 26. And Sydney (Hughenden Hotel, 14 Queen St), June 30 and July 1, 2

Oh and she also reads via Skype. (Modern!) Check out the website.