My new home! What you get for $300 a month in Ubud, Bali

Welcome to my new house in Bali! Right now I’m vegging on the sofa behind those doors because after traveling for almost a year and having NO home, I feel like I should. It feels gooooood!

I’m feeling very lucky to have found this awesome house in Ubud all for me – it took me just three days of zooming round on my bike looking at places, but I had a feeling this was it as soon as I saw it. It’s not a palace but it’s all I need I suppose. And in case you’re looking at renting a short term place in Ubud, this is what you can expect to get for 3 million rupiah a month (just over $300). I love the lounge:

The bathroom is a bit, well, grim:

But the upstairs is probably where I’ll be spending most of my time. Check out the massive bedroom! Oh, that wardrobe is full of crap belonging to the owners (I’m only here looking after their cats for 2 months which is why it’s so cheap) so that’s the reason for my clothes hanging on the walls like decorative pieces.

The best thing is the balcony through those doors there. It looks out over some of Ubud’s only remaining rice paddies.

And the little writing room just beyond the curtain. Well, I’m calling it a writing room because there’s a desk and a fan and that gorgeous Bali view:

But it’s also where YOU can sleep if you come and visit.

Let me know when you’re on the way. I’ll put the kettle on xxx

4 thoughts on “My new home! What you get for $300 a month in Ubud, Bali

  1. ready for a change. .. been 7 years since i’ve been in Bali. can you help me find something similar. . internet essential for writing, skype, coaching, blogging ,et. al

  2. I wish I was on my way honey… looks AMAZING!! Kat (from London) is over there at the moment too! xx

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